On March 3, 2004, one of Canada’s most daring and courageous political figures, Tooker Gomberg, left this world. Two years later, his friends and admirers are left wondering why, and what can we learn. We invite you to join in reflection, mourning and celebration of such an exemplary writer, activist, politician, public speaker and advocate for a better world. See http://www.greenspiration.org to learn more of Tooker’s life and his contributions to environmental sustainability across Canada and around the world.

For three decades, Tooker tirelessly advocated for safer cycling facilities, and for an end to auto-cracy. He passionately and skillfully articulated an attractive vision of urban life that put 2 wheels ahead of 4. Even as a City Councillor in Edmonton he rode his bicycle everywhere. To read Tooker’s brief bio, see http://www.greenspiration.org/bios/bio1.htm

6 Responses to “ Who is Tooker? ”

  1. Darcy McGee says:

    While I don’t wish to diminish the accomplishments Tooker had through his life, it seems strange to idolize someone who took their own life.

    I’ve never understood the lionization of Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix et al. either.

  2. K. Tooker says:

    Are you suggesting that a person’s accomplishments in life not be celebrated or appreciated if that person takes their own life? It seems cruel to remember a person only for how they ended up and not for what they tried to accomplish or how they lived. After all, you are reflecting on one decision out of millions and one brief moment of time out of a lifetime.


    Although I still suspect I would disagree with your logic here had your comparison with Hendrix and Cobain made any sense, it certainly doesn’t. Hendrix died as a result of unintentional drug overdose on what was ultimately prescription headache medication and sleeping pills. Cobain was indeed a suicide, but I do not at all see how someone involved in community through environmental and economical initiatives can be lumped in with any celebrity of entertainment and especially don’t see how Cobain fits in here.

    I hope you were just typing without thinking there when you posted that.

  3. julie says:

    yeh, that comment from Darcy McGee was coming from a reactionary ignorant mind, at that moment in time. We hope for his sake his comment was a whim.

  4. christine says:

    Tooker had vision. I am thrilled to see the Take the Tooker flyers and movement recognizing this truely active environmentalist. That Tooker suffered from deep depression, a medical illness, is just as sad as if he had died of another disease. Tooker wanted people to see our world with new eyes, positive actions and the claiming of possibilities. This can apply to our thinking about the environment and mental health. Thanks Tooker

  5. Tooker was suffering from debilitating depression. His death was no more “voluntary” than Claire Morrissette’s was. Many of us knew and loved both of these vélorutionaries and think your comments are ignorant and hurtful.

    Moreover, there can be perfectly logical and even noble reasons to take one’s life, but that is another issue.

  6. trix says:

    I have just recently joined the Toronto Bicycle Community and happened upon this article.

    Darcy McGee, may whatever god you believe in save you and anyone you care about from mental illness. You have clearly never been afflicted or affected by it. My father was an avid cyclist _ also committed suicide due to years of debilitating chronic depression. Should I honor him less because he took his own life? Would dying from cancer diminish your regard for a loved one? Think before you speak, this is a skill learned in grade school.

    Knowing this about Tooker _ the esteem with which his family _ friends still hold him has made up my mind about Bells on Bloor, I will be there.

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