The parts of Bloor west of Dundas St. W are now smooth again, and may well be getting bike lanes, some thanks being due to Councillors Perks and Vaughan and local community support.

But we don’t need the bike lanes where it’s easy and wide as much as where it’s really tight and narrow – like the parts of Bloor east of Dundas St. W. heading over to Spadina. It’s especially important to get bike safety under the two rail underpasses of the west end near Dundas St. W. – underpasses are noted as being unfriendly and hazardous in the Bike Plan, and it these two are one of the real hazards of Bloor biking in the west end, yet there are very few reasonable alternatives in proximity.

It’s especially dangerous when the low points of these underpasses are grossly dangerous and abusive to bikes as this picture shows one of the eastbound lanes to be. The City really needs to be fixing this up right away, and also for the cheap paint and signs, make it clear that cyclists can take the curb lane with less fear of being run down from behind. Cheap sharrows and cheap signs should have been put up years ago, and not signs that cluck at cyclists who ride on sidewalks fearing for their lives on the road.