Great news to see the changes on the Viaduct

It’s great news to see the changes in the Viaduct bike lanes occurring at long last! Since it’s inception in 1992 by Metro, there were some shortcomings in the eastbound travel, with a pinch point at the entry curve, and the challenge of going across the exit ramp to the Don Valley. Despite the historical #1 ranking of the Viaduct bike traffic counts, the nudges to change things weren’t enough to get the City beyond a stalled inert mass. But the bike group in the land of Case Ootes, (aka the Ootesback) took up the cause and in a report spearheaded by Luke Siragusa (on their website) detailed the problems in a way that the City could not ignore, though again, inertia prevailed.

After presentation to the City at TCAC 1.5 years ago, a commitment was made to repaint the problem areas for last November, but it didn’t happen. Now, it’s being done ahead of Dan Egan’s commitment for this July.
It is really exciting to see this occurring to improve a vital cyclists gateway into the city core, and let’s fermentedly hope that the remaining improvements to Bloor, can make such a big difference and also can happen soon.

Thanks to Tom Flaherty and other 29bikes members for helping this happen!