Take The Tooker Bike Rally

50 politically motivated cyclists took to Bloor today (Oct. 23) to say “We Bike We Vote”. En route they were greeted by Mayoral hopeful Himy Syed who redirected cyclists to the car drop-off loop across from Trinity Bellwoods Park, jumped on a table, and passionately articulated his desire for a bicycle-friendly city. The mass then took their message for bike lanes on Bloor to the offices of Councillor Vaughan, and Mayoral hopefuls Joe Pantalone and George Slitherman. 


Vote on Monday, Oct. 25th for bike friendly Council candidates! To find out where candidates stand on cycling issues: http://bikeunion.to/news/2010/10/05/election-2010-where-candidates-stand-cycling-issues

Thanks Martin Reis for the photo